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How much does it cost?


Summer Camp:

Residential Campers $695.00

Day Campers $595.00


Winter Camp:

Residential Campers $695.00

Day Campers $595.00


What does the camp fee include?


The camp fee includes housing, all meals, souvenir and instruction. Campers may want to bring additional money for pizza and late night snacks. We also do a team night out, camp T-shirts for sale and free time on campus. During the winter camp, there may be an option to attend a Men's basketball game, ticket costs are included in the cost of camp.

*Day Campers lunch and dinner are provided in cost of camp*


Do I need to fill out any forms?


There is an attestation form for compliance that will need to be filled out and brought to camp. It will be emailed to you.


May campers visit friends/family in the area?


We must have written permission from your guardian.


Are there Group Discounts or Scholarships available for campers?


There are no scholarships available for campers. If your school is bringing a large group of 8 or more campers, a group discount of $45 will be applied to each athlete. If you expect to receive a discount, please register and pay in full. The discount will be applied to your account, when your school reaches 8 campers or more. The difference will be refunded at check in.


How old are the campers?


Most campers are high school age but we do allow younger campers to attend. Residential Campers under the age of 12 must have a coach or parent attending the camp or staying in the area.


Can I room with a friend that is also attending camp?


Yes. Please submit rooming request upon the registration of both campers, put the name of the camper in your registration for roommate.



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